I just need years. Not months and days 😉

in stone or kg

in feet or cm

How exactly can I help you? What are your long and short term goals? What areas don’t you like about yourself or wish to improve?

Fill in here what do you want from this? Be as honest as possible.

Do you have any barriers to training? These could be injuries, finances, time constraints, Fill them in here. Again be as honest as possible. There is no judgement here. The more I know the more I can help and advise.

How many days a week do you currently exercise? What does your current week/ training split look like?

How many days a week can you get to the gym going forward?

What would you mark your diet out of 10? 10 being excellent with no alcohol and no 'bad food', healthy and balanced

Do you have any food intolerances, allergies or dislikes? Please list them all if so. *Please note I am not a qualified nutritionist and advise you speak to your doctor before trying any new food plan.

How many times a day is it feasible to eat? How many breaks do you get?

How fit/ strong would you say you are currently? Again! Be honest

How committed to change are you?

What time of the day do you prefer to train?

What’s your current sleep pattern? Do you think you are getting enough? Do you think it could be improved?

Do you currently take any supplements? List them here

What are you currently eating day to day? (full average day overview)

Is there any other information you feel I should have? Tell me any concerns you have about this process. Again be as honest as possible. There is no judgement from me. Remember I'm here to achieve your goals. The more I know about you and your goals and aspirations the more I can help you achieve them. So fire away.